Using Twitter to Take Your Business to the Next Level

by admin on April 21, 2009

Using twitter to take your business to the next level

Create a twitter account -

Go to TweetLater or another client and set up a automated welcome DM. This will be a free impression to people who follow you.

Now there is a trick to a DM, and this is what I have done.  I have done one of the two things, send them to a blog or to a free gift landing page. If the followers think you are spam right of then you have wasted your time.  By sending them to one of these options will still allow you to get them with your product. Simply on your blog page put your offer in a blog post or on the side nav.  If you chose to do a free offer simply capture there email and auto respond with a thank you page.  You can do an up sale or a link to your offer on the thank you page if you like.  I usually will send them a email following up with the free product and send them to a squeeze or sales page.

Then do some keyword research in your niche. Search for the keyword topics and find a person that talks about your niche. Go into a persons followers and follow everyone that would fit your criteria. You can usually get 2000+ followers in an hour or two if your good.

Be careful to not push to hard right at first with links and products.  People tend to turn you in and get you flagged. (happened many times)

This is why I will do general chat for a few days to work up my update amount. Then when this is done you can start promoting your products.  Often you will find people looking for your product or asking questions when you search.  I have had great success when I find these people.

Log top people with thousands of followers and focus on talking to them in tweets and replies.

Find local people in a community, college, etc. talk with them. ( this is if you are going after a local market)

You can pay someone to talk about your service or product.  Most likely they will have a blog as well.

Most people will not know the price of the ppc cost in your niche so 2-300 bucks someone would be delighted to review your product on a high value blog with lots of page views.

Make 4 to 5 targeted keyword based twitter accounts
Manage them on Tweetdeck for easy management.

By doing these simple things you can  usually get 6-8000 followers  in a day or two.  The best part that I like is I can target exactly people who may want or need my product. Such as if I was doing skin creams I can target women, who are in the age bracket I need and talking about the very thing I am selling in some way or another.

This will also help you get practice writing compelling titles which will help you in both PPC and SEO.

For more info simply contact me and I will do my best to provide an answer.

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